Temperature Detection

ETD (Elevated Temperature Detection)

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging, has been used for decade’s .e.g. in airports to measure the amount of IR radiation or energy an object emits relative to its surroundings – a relatively safe non-contact tool, however its broad view takes into account an uncontrolled environment rendering the detail insufficient to detect an individual’s elevated temperature.

The image above shows a thermal image of a man with a max temperature of 30.7 deg inclusive of all objects in the frame.

IR Thermometer

All Points Safety recently conducted a comparison between an IR thermometer and thermal Imaging on 30 individuals’ at a food processing plant shift change. This was consistent over all subjects scanned. Which raises serious concerns with the point and shoot method.

The image above shows a subject’s temperature detected as 31.1 by the IR thermometer and 34.6 by the thermal imaging tool in a controlled environment. This variance was consistent over all 30 subjects tested.

Elevated Temperature Detection (ETD)

All Points Safety has over 15 years’ experience in preventative safety applications and can provide a more precise method to detect an elevated temperature (ETD). This can only be achieved by a qualified operator controlling the ambient environment and any interference within it.

The image above shows the temperature of the subject at the corner of the eyes as 35.5 deg. Skin temperature is not equal to core temperature. The most reliable result (where the skin temperature approaches the core temperature of the human body) is in the corner of the eyes

To protect your Company by implementing a trusted process to detect elevated temperatures and stop spread call All Points Safety for a tailored solution of ETD (Elevated Temperature Detection)