About us

About us

All Points Safety, establish in 2004 based in Melbourne servicing Australian country and metropolitan areas providing thermographic services to all business sectors. With a team of certified technicians we can promptly meet your needs from electrical surveys, preventative maintenance programs, water leak detection, energy loss, insulation inspections, even pre-purchase home inspections. Our client base include hospitals, RSL clubs, hotels, large and small corporations, factories, properly managing agents, shopping centres, government builds and other infrastructure.

Quality Assurance

All scanning is double checked for interpretation and accuracy.

  • On site - by our qualified, trained electrician who has a Level 1 in Thermal Imaging Competency. We immediately inform our clientèle if a serious fault exists.
  • At Head Office - each report is prepared and signed off by a Level 1 and Level 2 certified Thermographer.
  • We keep a database of all scans and on an annual basis we contact our clientèle tor remind them that a scan is due.


    Following each site visit, we prepare a comprehensive report which:

  • Graphically maps the faulty equipment surface temperature. A spectrum of colours indicates an increase or decrease in the amount of infrared radiation being emitted from the body surface.
  • Quantifies the severity of the abnormality.
  • Suggests time-frame for repair.

  • Report Format

    The following formats are available individually or as a combination:

  • Hard Copy - Printed and bound.
  • Soft Copy - PDF.