Building thermography and energy loss

While the Australian climate, particularly in winter, is not as severe as North America or Europe, our high (and rising) energy costs are increasingly driving the application of infrared thermography for building thermal diagnostics.


Building Envelopes & Structures

• Heating energy loss inspections of all types of commercial buildings, institutional facilities and residential homes
• Moisture level evaluations in various buildings and facilities.
• Concrete integrity inspections
• Hydronic floor heating inspections for leaks and temperature distribution
• Location of missing or damaged insulation
• Identify cooling air leakage losses
• Evaluate the thermal performance of renovations and retrofits
• Locate radiant heating wires or pipes
• Locate and identify mold growth areas in building structure

Roofing Systems

• Flat roof leak detection for commercial buildings, institutional facilities and residential homes
• Identify water damaged portions of a roof quickly and accurately
• Eliminate unnecessary replacement of good roofing
• Produce budgets based on reliable information
• Document problems before the expiry of warranty/bond period

Commercial and industrial operations

• Cold Storage cooling losses
• Detect insulation leaks in refrigeration equipment